"Innovative Products for the Road Building and Maintenance Industry"
Nescon, LLC
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The XBroom facility showing our in house material cutting, bending, fabrication, welding, and assembly. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Our background is in the general contracting and asphalt milling business. We have used many different types of brooms in the past and know all the problems with sweeping. We have designed our brooms to be more efficient, have higher productivity, and be easier to maintain. 


We have built Cold-in-Place Recycling trains since 1991. We developed the first front discharge, single unit train and have sold units accross the country, Canada, and even the Czech Republic.


Our Control computers are on hundreds of milling machines and recycle trains. Our newest PLC for sweeper control can be installed on most competitive machines to increase operator ease and provide better reporting capabilities.

Below is an interactive map that displays all of the locations that currently carry our X-Brooms.